How to pay for a ride using card?

To pay for a ride using a debit or credit card:

  1. Select your ride type, pickup location, and destination location (see how to book a ride)
  2. On the “Confirmation” screen, tap “Payment” icon and select payment type as card
  3. Tap “Apply Coupon” and enter a promotion code, if any
  4. For card, tap ‘Confirm” to enter card details
    1. For first time card users, enter new card details. Your card details will be saved in your profile.
    2. For existing card users, your default card on profile will be displayed. Tap “Change Payment Method” if you want to change or add a new card
    3. Tap “Continue” to confirm card payment and request a ride
  5. At the end of the trip, your driver will request a payment. Click “OK” to accept the payment message
  6. A “Trip Summary” will be displayed.
    1. To tip a driver, tap “Are you willing to tip your driver?”
    2. Enter “tip amount” and tap apply
  7. Tap “Make Payment” to complete payment

Don’t forget to rate your driver!

**NOTE: If the customer doesn’t complete payment within 1 min, the card on file will be charged automatically.