How to book a ride in-advance?

To request a ride, download Moovn Rider application from Apple iTunes or Google Play store and create an account.


  1. Open the Moovn app
  2. Select your ride type e.g LITE, LUX or SUV (Note ride types differ by city)
  3. Default pickup location is selected by the GPS. To edit, tap on the “pickup location” address and enter in an address or business name.
  4. Select “RIDER LATER”
  5. Enter date and time (must be at least 2 hrs in advance)
  6. Tap ‘Enter destination’ and search for an address or business name
  7. Tap “Payment” and select payment type e.g. cash, card or M-Pesa
  8. Tap “Apply Coupon” and enter promotion code, if any
  9. For cash, tap ‘Confirm’ to request a ride.
  10. For card, tap ‘Confirm”, enter card details, and tap continue
  11. Your ride is now booked! GetMoovn!